AlphaTIG 201XD
AlphaTIG 201XD
AlphaTIG 201XD
AlphaTIG 201XD
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Load image into Gallery viewer, AlphaTIG 201XD
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AlphaTIG 201XD

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As an AC/DC inverter TIG welder, the Alpha TIG 201XD delivers pro-level features in an economically minded package that out performs major competitors' models nearest to our price. For comparison, the Alpha TIG 201XD range of features includes fully adjustable AC frequency and AC balance settings which improve penetration, tungsten life, arc cone properties and etching width. The 2T/4T Sequencer function allows the unit to be used with a remote switch and enables it to cycle through programmable features such as post flow control, and start & end cycle amps without the need of a foot pedal. This is especially helpful for welding out of position, where a conventional foot pedal may not be useful. As well. the Pulse feature is fully adjustable so that the operator can carefully control the heat by adjusting base welding amps, peak welding amps, pulse frequency and the division of time between the high and low amp stages of the pulse cycle. Of course, heat management is the ultimate goal of a fully adjustable pulse feature on any TIG welder, but don’t discount the aesthetic properties pulse imparts to a weld if adjusted properly. On fixed property pulses of our closest name-brand competitors, you are limited to what effect you can create at any pulse speed. The pulse is available for use in both AC and DC modes and features a generous range of frequency control (PPS). The stick welding feature also adds versatility to the unit when TIG conditions are not favorable such as in windy conditions, or where a combination of both may be required such as in pipe welding. Almost any class of stick welding rod will perform flawlessly in experienced hands. This makes the learning process much easier for the beginner. Given the price and features, the 200 amp Alpha TIG 201XD is an excellent choice for the beginner or the professional fabricator.

This is the latest model version 4
Power Source: 110/120V Electric, 208/240V Electric
Current: 1 Phase
Processes: Stick, TIG
Model: AlphaTIG 201XD


- Powerful 200 amp AC/DC TIG welder
- Includes (Stick ) MMA welding function
- Capable of handling most welding applications
- High Frequency TIG start
- Powerful 140amp output on 120v
- Full 200 amp output on 240v
- 60% duty cycle at 200 amps
- Pulse frequency 0.5 to 200hz
- Minimum start amps DC 10amps
- Minimum start amps AC 20amps
- 2T/4T function
- Start and end amps adjustment in 4T mode
- NEMA 6-50 Plug wired on cord end
- Requires a 40 Amp Breaker

Shipping Dimensions:
30"L x 12"W x 24"H (68 lbs)

What's Included:

- Alpha TIG 201XD
-Rotating Head 9/17 TIG Torch (12.5ft, 35-70 DINSE Connection, 9mm Quick Connect)
- Stick Holder (9ft)
- Ground Clamp (6ft)
- Nova Foot Pedal
- Argon Regulator
- 110v Plug Adapter
- Basic Consumable Kit (does not include tungsten)



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