About Us


About Us

AHP was founded in 2014 by people who wanted to help revolutionize the industry.  With several years of experience already in the Welding Market behind them, this new venture was meant to bridge the gap between ridiculously cheap, and unsupported product being sold direct from overseas and the over-priced domestic brands sold in North America.  They realized the average hobbyist or small business professional could seldom afford the product offered by the largest names in the Industry.  Two things they felt they could not compromise on: Quality and performance.  Yes, the price is higher than the cheapest stuff you can find, but what you will find in place of it is a durable product that can keep up with almost any professional product in the Industry.  Of course, price may not be the cheapest in town, but it is one of the most affordable products out there with full North American based tech support and repair facilities with a full 3 year Industry Standard warranty.

Since then, AHP has developed nothing short of a cult following, making its way into snippets of TV shows and online videos, proving that these units being used by hobbyists professionals all across the industry and finding homes in all sort of environments.

While the product is made in China, the product concept and design is created right here in North America, and supported here as well.  No, it's not the typical off-the-shelf stuff you can find on auction sites and online discount sources being sold by someone out of their garage, or straight from some backyard factory in China.  The components you find in our units are name brands that are standards in the electronics industry.  AHP welds, while based in North America, works closely with its overseas manufacturing facilities and international suppliers to maintain a level of quality control and manufacturing standards that are demanded in the North American market and maintains North American staffed offices within the manufacturing facilities for a consistent presence and careful oversight of the manufacturing and development process.

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