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Unfortunately, the days of a simple handshake are gone.  Now, as with any company, there are policies that are set forth to govern the interaction between the customer and the company should any issue arise, or need arise for customer-company interaction to occur before, during and after a sale.  These policies are made in best interest of all parties and to protect and ensure proper relations and support between the company and the customer, and vice versa if any issue or concern should arise.  It is in view of this concern that any purchase or use of AHP products, accessories, or merchandise indicates that the purchaser and/or user of said AHP product agrees to be governed by the purchase policies, terms of warranty, privacy statement, and other provisions set forth on this site in regards to the AHP product and company and its use. As a customer, purchaser, or otherwise perspective buyer of an AHP tools product, such as a welder, plasma cutter or some similar combination unit, or other merchandise, if you do not agree to these terms, conditions or provisions made and contained within this website do not make a purchase, even if purchasing AHP product from another source.  Any purchase and/or use of AHP product, accessories, or other merchandise indicates unconditioned acceptance of these policies and provisions set forth by AHP Tools.

There are two sides to this terms of sale and service.  The one side is the responsibility of the user, the other is the responsibility of AHP Tools.  Much of the information below is a statement and clarification of the User's responsibility and personal acknowledgement of the terms we have set forth.  We do detail our responsibility in the warranty statement, return policy and our further responsibilty in some more detail stated below however.  Please take the time to sit and read through these details. They are for your benefit. As to the nature of them, these statements and policies are fairly common throughout the welding industry.  You may not find them quite as easily on our competitor's site, but dig deep enough, we think you'll find them there too.

At the time of purchase, it is recommended that the customer print a copy of the full warranty statement (found in the warranty statement, or warranty/return statement listed at the top or bottom of the page) at the time of your purchase for future referral as a guideline of procedure and expectations outlined in the warranty statement. The original purchaser must keep the original receipt, either by printing (or by snipping/copying it) from the check out page, or from your email to support and establish a time of purchase should a need for a warranty claim arise.  This is an important part of establishing the warranty and filing a claim, should the need arise. If, for some reason, you do not receive a receipt at the time of purchase, call and ask for one using the AHP Tools contact number on this site as soon as possible.  Because a purchase has been made does not mean that the purchaser's details are automatically registered and kept for future warranty service by AHP Tools.  It is the users/purchaser's responsibility to submit a proof of receipt when requested by AHP Tool's technical support staff.  Upon actual moment of delivery of the product, via the carrier the warranty period will be considered to have begun. If the product sits unopened for a period of time, without use, the warranty still begins at the time of delivery.  The original receipt purpose however,  establishes proof of ownership.  It also establishes the details and terms of the warranty in effect at the time of purchase and further establishes product age should the need arise so that the most expedited route to repair can be taken.


When you purchase a welder, or product from this site, it is recommended that you download a copy of the manual (and print it) from the website that covers your unit and read through it, and know the basics before you receive your AHP product.  Staple or fix the receipt to the inside page of the manual, as well.  Record the serial number and date of purchase/receipt on the front cover of the manual in the provided space.  

As a company, AHP Tools pledges to do its best to make the most accurate representation of the products offered on this site as possible.  However, due to a continual effort to improve and support the product, some minor product manufacturing changes may occur. From time to time changes that do not affect the overall operation, or major specifications may be made without updating the site. This includes products and included accessories.  Major updates to the website will be made periodically when major revisions are made, and on a routine basis to update smaller changes. However, small changes that do not affect the over all performance or overall character of the product may not be reflected on the site immediately. While every attempt will be made to update the product and keep the most current and accurate descriptions of the product, the product appearance, size, specifications, and accessories (in quantity, size, and or type) are subject change without notice. If some concern or conflict becomes apparent before purchase, contact AHP sales directly at the number listed on this site. 

Upon arrival and delivery to the customer, the product should be opened,  inspected for damage, and live tested within 72 hours to ensure that no issues exist with the product. Failure to inspect for damage or other issues with the unit within this time frame may delay the warranty/return process. Please make plans to do so at the time of purchase and have the necessary materials ready for a full live test of the product.

AHP is very concerned about your safety.  Welding and related welding activities are dangerous by nature.  It is imperative that welding activities be performed by qualified personnel.  It is therefore AHP states that AHP's welding products require at least a basic working knowledge of welding and welding safety to be used.  If you do not have working knowledge of proper use and welding safety, do not use this product until you have gained knowledge or qualified instruction in proper, safe use of this product.  Failure to use the product properly, or safely can result in severe injury, shock, or death to the user or innocent bystanders. At the very least, it can result in damage or failure to the unit.  In no way will AHP be held liable for any event or damage occurring from the improper use, poor maintenance, or unintended operation of the product.  The user agrees and accepts to maintain full liability and consequences for proper maintenance and safe operation of the product.  The user also agrees and accepts to maintain full liability and consequences for improper maintenance or unsafe operation of the product. While the manuals provided by AHP are detailed in descriptions of function and basic safety cautions and warnings, the manuals cannot substitute for proper welding instruction and training. While they do cover many functions and principles of welder operation, the manuals AHP provides are not designed to serve as a welding textbook, or a primer in welding or welding safety.  For proper comparison and example, an operator's manual for an automobile is not designed to instruct in driving or all points of safe operation of the the automobile. If you need training or instruction in welding, be sure to seek a proper source of instruction.  An operator's manual, no matter how detailed cannot possibly compensate for guided instruction and qualified training.


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