Warranty, Return and Shipping Policies


CONGRATULATIONS!  If you just bought an AHP product from one of our trusted distributors or from this site, you are now in the AHP "Golden Circle" of customers. 

(Please check with us  before you buy for a complete list of authorized distributors and dealers.  We cannot guarantee products from unauthorized sources such as discount or salvage dealers, nor can we guarantee products from insurance settlement resellers, or any non-authorized point of sale.)

At AHP, we want to make sure our customers receive the best product support available. We've gone the extra step and now offer our exclusive GOLDEN CIRCLE warranty.  This exclusive warranty includes standard shipping costs to and from the repair center we designate via our carrier of choice. See the statement and general policies below for the details.


Warranty Terms on all units sold on or after Feb 1st 2022:

Units sold prior to Feb 1st 2022 do not qualify for the Golden Circle Free Shipping on warranty repairs.

AHP's Golden Circle Warranty:

All new AHP welders, shall be warrantied to the original owner for a period to extend for 3 years from date of purchase against manufacturing defect in workmanship or materials. Once a defect is confirmed through AHP technical support, the unit will either be repaired or an exchange will be made for a new or factory reconditioned unit at AHP Welds' discretion. The customer must contact the AHP technical support team to review unit failure within 2 weeks of failure (not including holidays) so that the warranty claim can be established in a timely manner. (Notification made by customers after the two week period may result in delay of warranty service.)

Items such as electrodes, contact tips, nozzles, cups, shields, liners, etc.  which are considered to be consumable items, are NOT covered under warranty.  Accessories including (but not limited to) torches, foot pedals, work clamps spool guns are warrantied for a period of 6 months.  Additionally, accessories may be individually exchanged without returning the entire unit assembly should a failure of these items occur.

AHP Welds will not be responsible for time/contract loss from unit failure, damages occurring from improper or unskilled operation, damages resulting from improper maintenance, improper wiring, poor quality power sources, abuse or neglect. Nor will AHP assume responsibility for the customer's failure to heed/read safety instructions, to read and understand operator's manual, obey occupational laws or to ensure the unit's safe operation complies with state or local laws, personal injury arising from the inherent risks involved with welding, including burns, electric shock or death.

The warranty extends only to the machine, its accessories and parts contained inside as stated above. Any repair or correction of problems while covered under warranty does not imply any form of warranty extension beyond the original 3 years from purchase. Items deemed to be regular maintenance items such as point-gap adjustment, or internal cleaning is not covered by the warranty.  No other warranty is expressed or implied.

NOTICE ON TRANSFER OF WARRANTY:  While AHP wishes that every customer would keep their machine well beyond the warranty period, AHP also recognizes there are situations such as hardships that would require the sale of the product before the end of the warranty period. In these cases, the warranty may be transferred one (1) time during the warranty period to another person.  However, due to the extreme prevalence of fraud, thefts and general misunderstandings, the original owner is required to notify AHP so that the warranty can be transferred properly and record can be maintained.  Original serial number, and owner's address and  basic purchase information must be given to AHP by the original owner for this to take place.  In the event of death or impairment of the original owner, where the original owner cannot initiate the call, contact AHP to explain the situation and this will be handled on a case by case basis.

Golden Circle Shipping Coverage During the Warranty period (for repair or Replacement Only):

Due to the modular component design and simplicity of design of the AHP products, with most (internal parts being "plug and play" by nature) to expedite the resolution of the problem, a replacement part may be shipped at AHP's expense to the customer if the customer is capable of making the repair (upon AHP technical support's recommendation and AHP's discretion). Any such repair will include adequate instructions to accomplish the repair. Usually only simple tools such as a screw driver or nut driver will be required.  In these cases, labor time will not be paid directly to the customer, but the customer may inquire about other options.

However, when a product return is required (after customer initiates and participates with AHP technical support department in diagnosis of the issue) to accomplish the repair,  AHP technical support department will authorize  return and AHP will cover the shipping charges both ways for the original domestic customers in the lower 48 states for the duration of the 3 year warranty.  

In the event of a unit failure or malfunction, the customer must contact AHP Technical Support department for diagnosis within two weeks of the perceived issue or failure.  AHP will provide a location of a designated return/repair facility and a return shipping label once diagnosis has been made and return is authorized.   

Instructions will be given to the customer on where and how to ship.  If a return is authorized, a shipping label will be provided once current address information and contact information is submitted and/or updated.

Unauthorized returns and customer shelf-ships cannot be reimbursed. The Labor and Shipping coverage portion of the warranty only applies if the unit is serviced at our AHP repair facility or at an AHP authorized agent certified for repair. In addition, it must be shipped shipped via our shipper of AHP's choice with the provided shipping label provided by AHP. Costs and general expenses of travel and time/labor required deliver the return to and from an AHP designated shipping depot/agent or repair center is not covered under this warranty. For customers outside the USA and the lower 48 States, AHP will only ship parts direct to the customer.

NOTICE: We will not reimburse for shipping or labor if the customer decides to have a third-party or unauthorized repair technicians work on the unit or decides to ship their own product without an authorized shipping label sent directly from AHP (sent via email). 


After Purchase Shipping Policy and Shipping Issues:

NOTICE: Customers not in the lower 48 states or International customers: Please email the AHP Sales Support team for a shipping quote before buying. Shipping to these locations requires an additional fee as these locations are out of our flat rate zone.

Once the payment has been received in full, AHP will ship the customer's item within 3 business days, subject to availability. It is possible that the item may ship the same day, but certain times of the year when volume is high or orders placed late in the day may result in delays. A tracking number will be forwarded to the customer's submitted email address the day of shipment.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure we have a complete shipping address including phone number.

AHP Welds does not own or operate a shipping company. Shipping is via third party entities which determine individual package receipt requirements. I.E. signatures, leaving packages unattended etc. Once the customer's package has left the AHP facilities, AHP Welds cannot assume responsibility for delivery or delays in delivery due to shipping company policies, procedures, weather, union strikes or "acts of god".

The customer is entirely responsible to inspect the item for any damages at the time of delivery. If the customer fails to inspect the item, the shipping company may not take responsibility for any damages occurring during shipment which are discovered at a later time. If the unit appears undamaged, it is the customer's responsibility to test out the unit as soon as possible to ensure proper operation. Early unit failure can be a result of hidden internal damages during shipping. The customer should not delay in opening the package and promptly testing the unit with a "live" test of all functions. Units not promptly tested for shipping damage MAY result in the shipper denying the damage claim and the unit being shipped back at customer's expense.

In the event of shipping damage the customer should promptly contact the AHP sales support team. Damaged claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery so that return shipping can be arranged. If there is shipping damage, AHP will file a damage claim immediately, upon receipt of said claims.


Additional Customer Responsibilities:

The customer should download the appropriate operator's manual directly from the website and read the manual completely by the time the unit arrives so that prompt and safe testing of the unit will not be delayed. The unit must be tested "live" within the designated 48 hour time frame to meet the demands of the shippers damaged product return policy.

Return Policy:

Unless the unit is damaged or otherwise non-functional at the time of arrival, the buyer is responsible for all  return shipping costs, insurance and tracking and will be charged a restocking fee that could be up to 20%. No credit for shipping from the original point of purchase (if it is charged in detail or not on the receipt) will be awarded.  Any desire to return the product should be registered as soon as possible with AHP.  No return for credit will be accepted without authorization by AHP customer service. No return will be accepted after 30 days.

Items damaged or non-functional upon arrival: AHP will gladly exchange it free of charge. It is the customer's responsibility however, to immediately notify the sales support team of the issue. Prompt reporting of this condition is required. Delayed opening of the package may result in denial of claim and waiving of rights of free replacement.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all eligible warranty units must be packaged safely and insured for the full retail purchase price.

After authorization by AHP technical support, please  to download RMA Form.

The customer must fill out the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)/Warranty form from this link HERE (Click Link) and include the form with unit that is being returned.

Due to world-wide shortages, changes in manufacturing, or revisions in the product in general, the products and accessories type, style and appearance are  subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as pictured.

The terms of sale and warranty of AHP Welds are subject to change without prior notice. Any purchase of an AHP product signifies that the buyer accepts and agrees to abide by all terms of service and warranty.  Any concerns or questions that the buyer may have about, purchase, warranty or policies contained on this site should consult with AHP customer service and have their questions addressed before purchasing.


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