AlphaStick 160
AlphaStick 160
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AlphaStick 160

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While the AHP Alpha 160ST is small enough to be carried around in one hand and takes up very little space, it packs a powerful punch in both performance and affordability. This unit features 160 amps of stick welding power, which is enough to handle most welding rods up to 1/8” thick and a few up to 5/32”. The Alpha 160ST delivers a low spatter, clean arc that matches well with almost any welding rod. While it features only 160 amps, it does so with a commercial level duty cycle and does not back down from any daily welding chore. VRD (voltage reduction device) protection also adds an additional layer of safety, helping the user to maintain a safe work environment by reducing the chance of shock and electrocution. The simple user control panel is easy to read at a distance and even easier to set up. To help complete the package, the Alpha 160ST also features the capability to Lift Start TIG weld in DC. While a DC TIG won’t weld aluminum or magnesium alloys, DC TIG is capable of welding almost any other metal or alloy. The easy to use Lift Start TIG feature helps prevent contamination normally associated with scratch start TIG. Don’t forget this unit can operate on 120 or 240 voltage. This means it can operate wherever you can find stable power: in the factory, your garage, or off your clean power generator in a pasture! Simply add a gas valve torch and a regulator and you have a well-balanced welder package that works well from home to pipeline.

- Inverter Technology using PWM Technology
- Dependable heavy duty compact design
- DC Stick with lift TIG function
- 120amp output on 120v
- 160amp output on 240v
- VRD safe start fro Stick welding
- 60% duty cycle @ 160amps on 240v / 120amps on 120v
- 100% duty cycle @ 124amps on 240v / 93amps on 120v
- Electrode Rod holder and Ground clamp included

Output Power Type: DC
Rated Electrical Input: 110v / 220v 50/60 Hz
Minimum Amp Start On DC/AC: 10A/20A
TIG(GTAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle: 220V -160 A, 16.4 V @ 60% 110V-120 A, 14.8 V @ 60%
TIG Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): No
STICK (SMAW) Amps/Volts @ Duty Cycle: 220V - 160 A, 26.4 V @ 60% 110V - 120A, 24.8 V @ 60%
STICK Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): No
Input Amps MAX Inrush And Running Amps 220v: 32.9A /25.5A @220V MMA 20.4A/15.8A @220V TIG
Input Amps MAX Running Amps 110v: 27.6A/ 21.4A @110V TIG 46.3A/3735.9A@ 110V MMA
Anti Stick Control: NO
Weight: 12.6 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 6 in × 11 in


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